The Author of The Relic Triangle Trilogy's Letter
The Author of The Relic Triangle Trilogy's Letter

We are about to embark on a journey that offers more than just words... you will be INVOLVED!

My name is Michael K. Matus and I am the author of the Relic Triangle Trilogy and the creator of The Relic Triangle Interactive. I am a 29-year old graduate of Penn State University who works as graphics and web designer in Pennsylvania. I wanted to write this letter before your adventure begins in hopes of revealing where all this originated. This way I'll answer all of those questions of "why did you do it?" and "how did you do all of this?" and maybe give a spark of inspiration to someone else thinking of doing the same thing.

The first time I had the idea to create The Relic Triangle Trilogy was in February of 1991 in my Penn State history class. That day, I was paying particular attention to my professor, Dr. Blessing, due to my anguish over a slipping grade. I wrote everything that he was saying, struggling to keep up! As I was writing, I was being pulled deeper and deeper into his lecture, which would eventually lead to my inspiration.

The exact story-line of history is vague for me, but the inspiration is still memorable! The period was during the later 1700's and early 1800's in Europe. The Popes of this time had incredible power and prestige in Rome. Across the mountains to the north was chaos. When the last traces of the Roman Empire had finally disappeared, small territories were ruled by regional governors scraping to survive against constant invasions or bloody revolutions. Every day brought more war. The Pope at the time figured to play this to his advantage by offering to protect whoever would join him under his rule. The regional governors at first were delighted to accept the offer, but upon further inspection, they were disgusted by the actual proposal. They met the Pope halfway in the Alps and told him to go home!

When the story was over, I was so impressed that history could play out such a fabulous tale of adventure. He concluded by adding "...This story would make a really intriguing book." Thus, the seed had been planted...I was going to write a story based on this period in history. The continent of Europe would be the stage, and later renamed Atracia. The regional governors would all be brothers (with Kreelos Urandees being the main character) of a once-great society like the Roman Empire. The Pope would be the disturbed and twisted Vuldeemus ruling an all-perfect realm called Sabania. The constant struggle to have what the others had living across the mountain range would be the ultimate tension.

The whole writing process and website construction was.... well, a blessing! It came so naturally to me that the story formed right before me so easily. This isn't to say that everything was good all the time; it definitely wasn't! I struggled with many things. I found a new respect for established authors and how they get everything to flow so smoothly and logically while keeping an audience glued.

I realized I still had more ideas to get out. I had so many ideas that a second and third book were born with a supplement not far behind. I looked back at what I had written up to this point, feeling very overwhelmed. Where was I going to go with all of this material? I wasn't a writer, but I knew that I wanted this to come to life on my own terms. Nobody was going to tell me that there was NO chance that this was ever going to succeed or it was a dead genre that wouldn't sell. So, I told nobody of it for years. This was my dream and I was going to see it through to the end. Little did I know that it would take a total of ten years to finish!

Years later, with The Inner Circle completely polished, it was time to figure out how to bring it to the masses. The first time I did it the futile way – sending out a mass migration of letters to editors, publishers and literary agents claiming that I had their next best thing. They told me that the concepts were very good and that they would like to read some of my material, but they would charge me a significant price just to decide if they really wanted it at all. No thanks!

Playing to my strength as a website designer and programmer, I decided to publish it myself across the world wide web. Everything was going to be done the way I wanted it done. People sometimes tell me I may have sold myself short by doing it without the financial backing of a publisher...that's not what this was ever about. It's about doing something that I really believe in and sharing it with everyone regardless of making a lot of money.

Today, my dream is finally a reality. When I look back on my life when I'm old and gray, I'll be able to say that I did something I always dreamed of doing. I just wanted to say to everyone, that if you really want to do something, go out and do it despite what everyone tells you is realistic. The novel, website, and all that comes in the future is a testament to that!

As for the future, I hope to complete the other three books in the same format, completing The Relic Triangle Trilogy as soon as time allows (all the plots, characters, and story-lines are already complete!). As far as the website goes, new maps, quizzes, games, and more loot will be popping up all the time, so bookmark this page and add the RTI to your surfing routine. The most exciting project to come is the interactive book that readers will control and the proposed development of the Tobagins FLASH Game: the complete fourth book along with the actual game based on the story! Join the mailing list to be the first to know!

In short, I just wanted to take this time to say thanks to everyone that helped (and put up with) me along the way. In addition, for all those people that wondered what in the world I was doing all this time – this is it! I dedicate this to all of you. Also, I wanted to thank you for your interest in The Relic Triangle Interactive. Your continued support will help this grow into a flourishing virtual fantasy community. Please tell others to visit and download The Inner Circle PDF FREE novel. Your continued support for the Relic Triangle Interactive has been INCREDIBLE! But it takes your help. You are the success of this interactive world!

Thanks again and enjoy!

PS - I apologize to all of my English teachers over the years for any bad grammar. I'm only human!

The IC Launch Seal Sincerely,
MKM Signature
Michael, K. Matus
Author of The Relic Triangle Trilogy

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The Author of The Relic Triangle Trilogy's Letter

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