The Journey Begins!
The Journey Begins!
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Just a couple notes before we begin. To the far left is The Relic Triangle Interactive Bookmark. It will always be in view to give you the luxury of knowing where you are and the ability to move around inside the novel. At the top of the bookmark is the current page number. Further down, are the navigational "next & back" buttons that move you forward or backward one page at a time. At the bottom is the IC Logo that will take you back here at any time. For readers who want to view more of the page, use the "No Frames" option above. Text links at the bottom of every page (Next, Back, Cover) will allow you to navigate through the novel as with the graphic buttons. When you're ready to return to the Relic Triangle Interactive, just press "Cover" and you will return here. When you've completed the last page, be sure to visit the Loot Shop to continue the story by purchasing The Inner Circle novel. So select the crystal button on the above cover and let's begin the first installment of The Relic Triangle Trilogy: The Inner Circle!

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The Journey Begins!

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