The Relic Triangle Interactive Glossary
The Relic Triangle Interactive Glossary

So you've come upon a term that has foiled you. Here you'll find answers to your questions. The glossary is a listing of all the names, places, and terms that are uncommon to newcomers of The Relic Triangle Interactive.

Each entry, listed in alphabetical order, contains the correct spelling, phonetics, conjugation, and definition of that word or phrase. To find that specific entry...

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I'm constantly updating this glossary (as well as the website) all the time. If you have a correction or you would like to see an additional entry, e-mail me and let me know.

The Relic Triangle Official Dictionary Pronunciation Key
  • \&\ as a and u in aBut
  • \[^&]\ as e in kitten
  • \&r\ as ur and er in further
  • \a\ as a in ash
  • \A\ as a in ace
  • \ä\ as o in mop
  • \au\ as ou in out
  • \ch\ as ch in chin
  • \e\ as e in Bet
  • \E\ as ea in easy
  • \g\ as g in go
  • \i\ as i in hit
  • \I\ as i in ice
  • \j\ as j in job
  • \[ng]\ as ng in sing
  • \O\ as o in go
  • \o\ as aw in law
  • \oi\ as oy in Boy
  • \th\ as th in thin
  • \[th_]\ as th in the
  • \ü\ as oo in loot
  • \u\ as oo in foot
  • \y\ as y in yet
  • \zh\ as si in vision

The Relic Triangle Glossary
Abnu (ab' nü) n.- Leader of the One and eldest toogmie.

Anadecia (an & dE' cE &) n. - Mother of Vuldeemus I, Hymarian of Sabania. She is a naturist with psychic dreams.

Atracia (& trA' shy&) n. - continent residing on the outer most southern extension of Eldan. Hangs precariously close to the Bastynax Chasm. Chief export is the wind pod, which is considered to be the finest in Eldan.

barpin (bär' pin) n. - A unit of money. The basic Eldanese standard for one unit of money. 10 barpins equals one garlot. Yuladium coins are solely minted in the Grand Barpin House in Omifica (of Taran) and distributed all over Eldan.

barpin house (bär' pin - haus) n. - A place where gamblers gather to make bets using Eldanese standard units of money. It is unkown as to how many actually exist since most are run illegally. Most host their own tourneys, gaunltlets, and betting lines.

Bastynax Chasm (ba' sti naks - kaz' im) n. - Also known as the Abyss of Nothingness. A ledge that runs around the entire land mass of Eldan and its depth spans eternity. Not much is known about it since none have ever returned from trying to explore its depths.

bolt (bOlt) n. - A common term used to measure the amount of magic a certain person or item has. Based on a scale of one to five bolts, with five being the highest and possessing the most extreme amount of magic. Note: Magic in Atracia is, and has been, outlawed since the Xylanthian Age but is mounting a return in such troubled times.

Brontonovere Castle (bränt än' & vEr - kas' &l) n. - Home of the evil council chambers of the Inner Circle, Anadecia, and Hymarian Vuldeemus I.

cadre - (cäd' r&) n. - A group of familiar travelers journeying together and bound by a common bond like race, lineage, or creed. Similar to a band, pack, or unit.

Chastakeles the Enchanted (cha' sti kE lEz) n. - A very powerful and mysterious man that lives in Chupsweet Palace in Taran. It is said he originated the birth of magic in Eldan.

chuflaka bird (shU fläk' & - b&rd) n. - Tame birds that have extremely long legs - some as long as 30-40 feet. These birds eat fruit which is found high atop Kio trees and need their long legs to reach them These birds are akin to their young and tend to them by folding their legs underneath them to reach the ground and their young.

clerg (kl&rg) n. - The Sabanian gentry. They dress in gallant garb littered with spikes and splashes of gold and red. Their distinguishing feature are their etched helmets, which has thin eye and nose slits adorned with many decorative chains. Their identities are a mystery! pl. clergs

cobblestone dragon (kä' b&l stOn - dra' g&n) n. - One of the many species of dragon in the Atracian area. The first cobblestone dragon was brutally hunted by townspeople with mined cobblestones. The cobblestones contained magical properties and merged with the ordinary dragon making him impervious to many forms of attack.

Cragenheim Palace (krAg' &n hIm - pa' l&s ) n. - Home of the Urandees and the One. Built by Xylanthees the Great during the first cycles in Atracian history. A castle of great spectacle with large white walls and ornate statues. Designed with Toppee Barrera (capital of Eldan) in mind.

crulniceri snake (kr&l ni' s&r I - snAk) n. - An agile and docile reptile capable of transporting humans. Large spherical wheels are harnessed to its body to aid in its movements.

Crystal Vase of Purity (kris' tl - väz - &v - pyur' & tE) n. - First piece of the Relic Triangle with immense powers to control all forms of nature. Its origin is not commonly agreed upon, but was once controlled by the Kyda Lels on Taran.

cycle (sI' kil) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "year" with 270 deys equaling one cycle.

dey (dA) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "day" with 30 deys solid in a krown.

dimeck (dI' mek) n. - A unit of money. The Eldanese standard for 100 units of money. 10 dimecks equals 1 luster. Yuladium coins are solely minted in the Grand Barpin House in Omifica (of Taran) and distributed all over Eldan.

Dragonroot Goblet (dra' g&n rUt - gäb' lit) n. - A magical item that engulfs the users hand so as not to drop it. A Dragonroot Cantina exclusive!

drakthese (drak) (drak' thez) n. - Also known by theit collective, the Drak. The drakthese are a race of black, hideous creatures that travel in merciless packs across Atracia as human-hunters. Their armor-plated skin, ferocious teeth, and talon-like wings make them one of the most feared groups in all of Eldan. pl. drakthese

dynasty (dIę n& stE) n. - Equivalent to a kingdom. A specified region or territory under the rule of a hymarian or prime.

Ertchen's Wheel (&rch' enz - wEl) n. - A magical item that when not in use is just a wagon wheel of normal size. But when called upon, the user rolls the wheel into an empty area where a caravan of exquisite craft with two harthuses appears ready to carry a group of eight to far-off destinations.

The Relic Triangle Glossary
fatica (fa' ti k&) n. - Another term used for kingdom. Regional difference in language.

garlot (gär' lät) n. - A unit of money. The Eldanese standard for 10 units of money. 10 garlots equal one dimeck. Yuladium coins are solely minted in the Grand Barpin House in Omifica (of Taran) and distributed all over Eldan.

garganna grass (g&r g&n' & - gras) n. - The light brown grass grows uncontrollably: one can almost see it grow right before your eyes if right on top of it. The garganna grass is part of the people in this region. It is very useful in that it is malleable and cultivatable into many hundreds of useful things. The people of Queymal revolve their whole existence around it. They carve their city out of it, harvest it for food, use it for tools, and honor its power. But the same grass that protects their dynasty from outside intervention is the same ominous skin that gives sanction to numerous shadowy dwellers.

gliid (glId) n. - A Kyda Lel term for leaping to another lel closer to the one's own kyda lel.

harthuse (här thUs') n. - The most common means of individual travel. An animal common to all parts of Eldan. It moves on four legs, has a mane, two ears, and a tail.

Horefax Terratiers (hor' & faks - ter' & tErz) n. - Located in the middle of the Desert of the Midnight Breath (The Neverending Desert). Large land masses that are held up by massive water spouts that surge up from the desert floor. Commoners that live there usually do nott leave; the calmness of the ground below is unsettling.

hymarian (hI me(-&)r' E &n) n. - A title equaling "leader" or "ruler" to his subjects. It is the highest title that one can receive, equivalent to a king.

Inner Circle (in' &r - s&r' k&l) n. - The evil council that governs every aspect of Sabanian life. Made up of two small parties (The Gremeldists, The Naturalists) composed of seven members: Dalfa Enok, Azm Tanine, Kertan the Anointed, Olen Phemius, Astacracken, Anadecia, and Vuldeemus I.

jannex mite (ja' neks - mIt) n. - An extremely small mite that feeds on the shell of the wind pod and the only thing that can break open a normal wind pod with its tensile teeth.

Jazelle (j& zel') n. - A commoner from Merab N'Kuk of the Horefax Terratiers. Beautiful and feisty.

Jiglorain Night Oil (jig lOr' E &n - nIt - oy (&)l) n. - Oil that burns extremely hot and fast when in contact with air.

jug (j&g) n. - A unit of measurement. Equivalent to two "pounds". On the continents of Wisha and Delkany, the unit is equal to five pounds. The smaller units that comprise a single jug are called a hom. A hom is equivalent to an ounce with ten homs equaling a jug.

The Relic Triangle Glossary

Kyda Lel - (kI' d& - lel) n. - Also means "inner circle". (1) As one finds the maliptii that leads here, the answers to the complexities of life become self-aware and a state of perfect life will have been discovered. Every disciple of the Kyda Lel philosophy constantly strives toward it. The ones who have attained this level say they experience complete spiritual euphoria (2) The name of anadecia's ancestors from the former Sinking Springs Dynasty on Taran. (3) The name of the philosophy who was developed by the late Polarius Si.

Kreelos Urandees (krE' lOs - yU ran' dEz) n. - The prime, and future hymarian, of Atracia.

krown (krOn) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "month" with nine krowns equaling a cycle.

krelk (krelk) n. - A tan and gray animal native to Atracia. Krelks possess extremely long legs with portions of elastic webbing that allow them to jump great distances. A docile creature used in many ways: wind pod cultivation, exploration, and travel; their incredible stamina and good nature make them ideal working comapnions

lel (lel) n. - A Kyda Lel term for a set of interwoven circles of life that revolve around one's kyda lel. Some have more lels than others do; some have larger lels than others; the more lels or the larger the lel, the more complex the destiny line. All of them together make up one’s complete life and every one is unique.

Luminus Urandees (lUm' in &s - yU ran' dEz) n. - The youngest of the three Urandees brothers. Very spiritual and good at hand-to-hand combat.

luster (l&s' t&r) n. - A unit of money. The Eldanese standard for 1000 units of money. 100 lusters equal one rubin (the highest standard): five homs weight. Yuladium coins are solely minted in the Grand Barpin House in Omifica (of Taran) and distributed all over Eldan.

me'dynasty (mA - dI' n& stE) n. - A smaller subdivision of a dynasty. Also, another name given to a self-governing dynasty too small to be labeled a dynasty.

maliptii - (mal ip' tI) n. - A Kyda Lel term for the pathway one travels in life towards their individual kyda lel.

mobol (mO' b&l) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "week" with four mobols equivalent to one krown. Not a common term.

Mullickthese Urandees (m&l ik' thEz - yU ran' dEz) n. - Stepbrother to the Urandees brothers. Arrogant and stubborn.

myzrab (miz' rab) n. - A very unusual creature that inhabits the southern regions of Atracia. It is purple and scaly with four legs, a high back, and has no recognizable head.

nabit (nab' it) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "hour" with 28 nabits equaling one dey.

O'tuipas Statue (O twi' p&s - stach' U) n. - An idol that is made from garnet and chiseled and polished in the northern regions of Atracia. When touched, it turns the user into the same material. Unbreakable.

The Relic Triangle Glossary
prymarian (prI me(-&)r' E &n) n. - A title for a hymarian's son and heir to the throne. Equivalent to a "prince".

Relic Triangle (re' lik - trI' a[ng] g&l) n. - Only the Kublatas, or time-caretakers, truly know this mystery and legend. Go to the Overview page and read the opening paragraphs for what is commonly known.

Reubens Me'Dynasty (rU' benz - mA-dI' n& stE) n. - After the Atracian Civil War, Atracia was divided into smaller subdivisions to better govern themselves. The region that had Cragenheim Palace was given the largest territory and named after a warrior who gave his life to protect the Sword of Jonthra.

rod of plenty (röd - &v - plen' tE) n. - Used by Boon Padal to refill drinks anytime he likes. A magical item that is common in Eldan.

Rohrboth Pixies (ror' bäth - pik' sEz) n.- Tiny female creatures that create light.

rubin (rU' bEn) n. - The Eldanese highest standard of money. Considered to be the finest standard of wealth. Dignitaries have their social status measured in rubins as well. The rubin comes in many shapes as a red oval with a rough cut all the way around and is mined in the depths of the SharSheen Flats near Tisabod (of Taran). The finished pieces are then engraved by a magical process overseen by Chastakeles the Enchanted, making counterfeiting impossible.

Sabania (s& bA' nE &) n. - A beautiful and perfect land over the peaks of Stormcrest that eerily hovers over the Bastynax Chasm. Perfect in every way having the most fertile crops, the most beautiful scenery, and the wealthiest people. The ideal for every dynasty!

sand whisk (sand wisk) n. - A dangerous creature that lives to eat meat and resides in desert sands. It senses victims that struggle inside the sand by sonar and zeros in on their meals. A garganna whisk is similar except it hunts in the Garganna Tall Fields in the Kent Me'Dynasty.

Shards of Ibo (shärdz - &v - I' bO) n. - Fabled fragments of a magical jewel that increase the effects of magic tenfold. Very rare, if they exist at all. Rumored to be sparsely located near Bilos, 150 varams west of Atracia.

soom (süm) n. - A Kyda Lel term for a set of circles that makes up one's life.

stalk (stawk) n. - A unit of measurement. Equivalent to one "foot".

Stormcrest Mountains (storm - krest - moun' ten) n. - The major mountain range in Atracia. Composed of stormcrest rock, a mineral, which is very durable, yet unstable. It causes lightning flashes if struck.

sumi (sU' mE) n. - A unit of time. Equivalent to the "minute" with 90 sumis equaling a nabit.

The One ([th]e w&n) n. - The group of toogmies that act, think, and speak as a single entity. Made up of thousands although difficult to count, since they all look the same. The intelligent Abnu is the leader of this group commanding them through telepathy.

thunder klaxon (th&n' dr - klaks' &n) n. - Gigantic logs that are hollowed out, then carved in a trumpet shape. These splendorous instruments release deep bellows that can be heard for varams.

Tobagins (tO bag' inz) n. - The major game played in Eldan. Also called "Troglodytes". Developed by the Coltarians who are known for gambling. A two-player game involving each player who throws five magical dice by unique hand throws that when stopped form troglodytes that battle each other with weapons that are determined by the side that lands up. The first player to win four battles in a row is the victor. Many other rules apply to this game, stay tuned for the Special Supplement due out soon!

toogmie (tUg' mE) n. - A hairy creature that stands about three foot tall made up mostly of a mustache and large eyes.

The Relic Triangle Glossary
varam (var' am) n. - A unit of travel. Equivalent to 3.5 "miles".

Vuldeemus I (v&l dE' m&s) n. - Current hymarian of Sabania.

wind pod (wind pod) n. - Chief export of Atracia. Harvested and shipped through the seaport of Jalrain.

zhulock (zjU' lok) n. - Coltarian slang for a commoner.

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The Relic Triangle Interactive Glossary

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