The Dragonroot Cantina - The Relic Triangle Interactive
The Dragonroot Cantina - The Relic Triangle Interactive

Dragonroot Cantina

You can leave your weapon at the door because you won't be needing it. Everyone is a friend here! Step inside and get a taste of the celebration that goes on night after night here inside the dragonroot tree!

Be warned...the cantina is very intense. Your browser will need to support frames, javascript, and have the Flash plug-in to enter. Once inside, request one of the many musical masterpieces of Tab Siclaw, take part in the cantina's live chat, grab a few drinks for some friends or get one for yourself from the eclectic Dragonroot Menu...everything's FREE!

Besides...where else you going to party like this?

Dragonroot Cantina's Drink Menu

1) Dragonroot Ale
2) Pearl Drop
3) P'Yunta Coffee
4) Cloud Burst - NEW!!

More Drinks Coming Soon!

 Tab Siclaw's Play List

Song 1) Ode to Haspin
Song 2) Googlabans Fifth Melody
Song 3) The Vidas Interlude
Song 4) Siclaw's Madness - NEW!!

More Tunes Coming Soon...

Important Notes:

The Dragonroot Cantina works best with Netscape Communicator 4.xx or Internet Explorer 5.xx. You may experience difficulties with older browsers. AOL users may experience some problems and delays - it is suggested you download the newest browser from Netscape or Microsoft.

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The Dragonroot Cantina - The Relic Triangle Interactive

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