The Relic Triangle Interactive Overview
The Relic Triangle Interactive Overview

The Relic Triangle Trilogy: Books 1-3 and Compendium
A prophecy had been passed through generations and across dimensional portals about a very accomplished wise man whose most prized possessions were those of his three identical daughters. All of which were to marry a suitor of their father's choice on the eve of their womanhood. Then, the wiseman would take his own life knowing his daughters would always be provided for and solidify his greatest accomplishment.

Every detail had been meticulously orchestrated until that fateful night before the ceremony. An evil deity looking on, jealous of each of the daughters' untainted virtues: prowess, wisdom, and courage appeared before the daughters and swallowed them alive. The mighty deity then went before the wiseman and told him his daughters would suffer for a thousand cycles inside his belly. The ceremony was halted when the suitors got wind and bolted. The old man, determined to preserve his daughters' dignity, conjured up a powerful magic spell which slaughtered them inside the beast and recovered the only thing that he could ever have: their essence. Each of the daughter's essence was placed inside an exquisite relic reminiscent of her individual virtue. Fearing retaliation from the deity, he scattered them across all of Eldan to better ensure their safety. One dey, he prophesied, a Chosen One would appear with the virtues of a hundred hymarians uniting the three daughters again. This being will reap a thousand cycles of peace to his dynasty, at which time a wish will be granted that would satisfy every mortals desire.

Many cycles have passed since then. What are the three relics that hold the essence of the legendary daughters? Where have the ancient relics gone? Has the mighty deity's craving been satisfied? The Kublatas, an ancient race of time-caretakers, are the only ones who truly know the true secrets of the Relic Triangle. They seem to have a special interest in one Kreelos Urandees - an unaccomplished boy on the continent of Atracia, as being the legendary Chosen One. Their only concern is an unforeseen evil entity acting as a weed in the garden of time threatening to upset the balance of Eldan's destiny. Each book in The Relic Triangle Trilogy unlocks the mystery behind each of the relics, its origin, and powers until the final climax in The Crystal Troll of Skara Bray where all will be revealed!

The Inner Circle Overview

Book 1 of The Relic Triangle Trilogy: The Inner Circle
After being lost for ten cycles, young Kreelos Urandees has become heir to his late father's kingdom, which was shattered by a horrible civil war in his absence. He must deal with a rising force to the south that is ruled by the wise council of the Inner Circle. It possesses The Crystal Vase of Purity, a relic of immense magic able to harness the powers of nature. It is so powerful it created their entire homeland of Sabania: a perfect land in every way with lush meadows, fertile crops, and beautiful weather all cycle long. The merciless leader of the Inner Circle, Vuldeemus I, will try to coerce the peoples of Atracia into annexation by unleashing the deadly Trials of Consequence. Kreelos must unify an extremely bitter realm deeply embroiled in a struggle for pure water. He needs all four me'dynasties to ally once again to mount a suicidal plunge into the heart of the heavily fortified black empire before Atracia is brought to its knees. In a spectacular finish, the strong-willed forces of Kreelos battle the haunting troops of Vuldeemus & The Inner Circle in the ultimate war for control of Atracia. The loser will hopelessly watch their homeland crumble into nothingness in a manner of moments!

The Bastynax Chasm Overview

Book 2 of The Relic Triangle Trilogy: The Bastynax Chasm
In a newly acquired era of peace, Kreelos oversees the completion of a new damn in the former Kent Me'Dynasty when a large earthquake threatens all of Atracia. Something is pulling the entire continent down into the Bastynax Chasm. A race against time down into the chasm is led to find the cause. Many dangers along the way damage bodies, egos, and confidence in a grueling test of wills to accomplish their goal. Deep in the chasm, they unexpectedly find a backwards city called Agstam that has never seen outsiders. The welcome is not warm, but they have reason to believe they have found the answer seek. These people magically gather their water from a massive waterfall by means of a magic tree called The Great Oak of Eternal Pull. This tree magically pulls all of Agstam's water to them, but is also pulling Atracia down into the chasm. But the problem goes deeper. Someone or something doesn't want them there and will do everything in its great power to make sure of it. It has a firm stranglehold on Agstam, yet the people there remain totally loyal and protective of it. This mysterious adventure comes to fiery climax as Kreelos again tries to save his realm from total devastation.

The Crystal Troll of Skara Bray Overview

Book 3 of The Relic Triangle Trilogy: The Crystal Troll of Skara Bray
A challenge has been issued by the Grand Hymarian of Eldan, Zag Yafaspus: Find the five pieces of the key that unlock the Crystal Troll of Skara Bray, bring it to the Grand Citadel, and all of Eldan will be saved along with the princess' hand in marriage. The troll must be delivered unbroken to Toppee Barrera before it awakens and causes a great cataclysm. With a little incentive from the lovely Grand Princess Physondretta, Kreelos is in the chase. If the problem of finding the grail of Eldan, which hasn't been seen for hundreds of cycles, wasn't bad enough, Kreelos' twisted stepbrother is back. This time, he has an ancient, evil wizard with him and a heavy thirst for revenge. Follow Kreelos and his friends through this whirlwind adventure as they travel to legendary Havenwood, mysterious and elegant Chupsweet Palace, and Skara Bray: the site of the final epic battle between good and evil. Can Kreelos find the Troll in time before his enemies destroy him? Find out in this exciting last installment of the Eldan Chronicles!

Tobagins Overview

Special Supplement to The Relic Triangle Trilogy: Tobagins
The mystery figure that's been following Kreelos is finally revealed in this special edition. He is L'mon Tibdigerod, an illustrious Tobagins player from Erandoa. Tobagins - Coltanese for troglodytes - is the most popular game in Eldan that involves magic dice that turn into troglodyte warriors that battle to the death when thrown. L'mon has been barred from playing in The Delbrokafeena Classic, which he desperately needs to win. An outstanding debt to a powerful, sentient sword named Nivel Keebees has led to the capture of his family. The only way to get his family back is to win this Tobagins tournament on Wisha and give the trophy, The Diamond Thaggis, to Keebees. Having hopped countless dimensions for krowns, he finally chooses Kreelos to be his unofficial and illegal proxy in the tournament. They are very short on time, as there are only 3 deys until the start of the tournament. They need to piece together a complete set of tobagins pieces, practice day and night, and literally stay alive. Backstabbing, double-crossing, and murder are as much a part of the game as the actual tournament itself. Armed with only the Zipper of Dimensions, they head for the Grand Barpin House on Wisha where they'll be up against the best and meanest Tobagins players on Eldan. It's not the way you play the game; it's whether you can get to the game alive!

This special supplement is truly one of the unique qualities about this series. Tobagins is intended to be read at the halfway point of Book #2: The Bastynax Chasm. But you don't have to; you can read it before reading any of the books, after reading all the books, or when it was intended without affecting any of the storylines. A very different adventure that involves just Kreelos. L'mon Tibdigerod plucks him from his dimension on the side of the chasm and puts him back after the tournament is over without any break in Kreelos' timeline. Thus, it can be read at any time!

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The Relic Triangle Interactive Overview

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