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Feature Article: Attention All Fantasy Artists!
Article: Celebrating The 250th Download Of The Inner Circle
Article: The Dragonroot Cantina's Doors Are Now Always Open
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What's New at the RTI: The Relic Cookbook
RTI Question: Why Is The Inner Circle Told In The Present Tense?
Review (Website): Atlantis Underground
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by Michael K. Matus

Coming next year, Relic Renaissance V.02 will usher in the rebirth of the Relic Triangle Interactive. To commemorate this, a new website, new content, new club, and the second book in the Relic Triangle Trilogy will premiere!

Are you, or know someone who is, a fantasy artist with a creative talent for illustrating fantasy heroes, dragons, and mystical creatures and places? As part of the new FLASH website, we are looking for a dedicated fantasy artist to illustrate their own unique and original visions of the Relic Triangle Trilogy – characters, creatures, magic items, places, and things – to breathe a whole new life into the stories and website of the RTI. We are aggressively seeking artwork with a very noticeable style. Style is the key word… it needs to scream, "I am special!" Any medium is acceptable (color is preferred), but all content MUST BE of a glorified fantasy genre -- no cartoons or photographs please. Special consideration will be given to submissions that are visualized from the pages of The Inner Circle.

Seriously interested artists only, please!

If you or someone you know is interested, please e-mail links to those digital portfolio websites (this is preferred!) or e-mail
intentions along with JPG attachments of your best work to the e-mail address below. If you are sending attachments in an e-mail, please observe the following conditions…

  1. All images must be 72 dpi - Please do not send high res files.
  2. All images must not be any larger than 3" x 5" in size.
  3. Include contact information like your name, country, age, e-mail address, and any credentials.

If you'd like to send portfolio samples that are larger in file size, please e-mail your request to make different arrangements. We have a 56K connection… be merciful!

Send all artist inquiries to:

All entries must be received by January 31, 2002 to be considered, and all final decisions will ultimately be decided by the RTI shortly thereafter.

This special fantasy artist will be introduced in the next newsletter, which will also spotlight the Relic Renaissance V.02!

Good luck to everyone!


by Michael K. Matus

The RTI has officially reached a milestone… a silver anniversary of sorts. As of this month, The Inner Circle has been downloaded over 250 times! That's an extraordinary amount of virtual books for a published piece without any major publisher to back it. Everyone's dedicated show of support continues to inspire me in forging ahead the Relic Triangle Trilogy, as well as pushing the boundaries of the Relic Triangle Interactive. Thank you so much!

In addition, we are also celebrating our 300th member of the Relic Triangle Interactive this month! Our fantasy family continues to grow every day with new members demonstrating their allegiance and loyal support in e-mails, Dragonroot Cantina sessions, and Loot Shop purchases.

Looking ahead, we have to be careful now of setting new goals that are too high, but I have faith that the Relic Renaissance V.02, which I keep eluding to, will make new goals very attainable with a stunning new FLASH interface as well as the release of the next novel in the trilogy: The Bastynax Chasm. For our next milestone, I am striving to have over 500 Bastynax Chasm downloads, over 1,000 "The Inner Circle" downloads, and over 750 members strong in undying support. One more time… thank you for everyone's continued support. I appreciate all the kind e-mails and continued loot shop purchases.


by Michael K. Matus

Congratulations! An e-mail will be sent to you in the next couple days with instructions on how you can claim your novel. The prize, a second edition with a black bulcrum cover and The Relic Triangle Interactive's official symbol embossed in black.

Thank you to everyone that signed up. For those who didn't win, don't worry, another contest has already begun this morning. If you already signed up, your entry is already entered… no need to enter again. This time, the prize is a third edition hardback handcrafted novel, embossed, signed and numbered, and dressed in a black bulcrum cover. Good luck!

by Michael K. Matus

In the cantina, now open 24/7, we will be discussing more of The Inner Circle storylines, what you liked, what you didn't like, and the future of The Relic Triangle Trilogy. Grab your virtual drink, listen to some cantina music, and sit back and enjoy this chat that grows more popular all the time. Offer your insights into where you think the Relic Triangle Trilogy should go when Book 2 of The Relic Triangle Trilogy: The Bastynax Chasm debuts next year.

The cantina resides at its new home in the old Town Square. You can follow the new link below to get there. I look forward to seeing everyone there in the future!


by Michael K. Matus

The Relic Triangle Interactive recently premiered the Relic Cookbook for all members who bravely venture into the kitchen
alone. Three recipes debuted complete with their own photos, ingredient lists, and full directions. Categories of recipes in the cookbook will be vast: breakfast, seafood, drinks, deserts, vegetarian, etc.

Now these recipes won't exactly be what they appear. In some cases, the ingredients may be a little eclectic. A particular dish may call for dragon meat, or a Tisabodian sugar cane, or a mud troll's eyeball. "Where am I going to get those?" you ask? Don't worry…there will be substitutes listed aside of each of the more "hard to find" items. What fun would it be if I gave you plain recipes?

And as RTI members, you may suggest and submit any kind of recipe(s) that you'd like to share with other members so that the Relic cookbook can grow. A recipe suggestion form accompanies the link below where you can showcase your own gourmet creations. Submitted recipes that are chosen must be in good taste (sorry!). Entries that suggest ingredients from the pages of The Inner Circle will be given special treatment. Happy cooking.


by Michael K. Matus

When I was little, my parents would tell me a story in hopes of coaxing me into sleeping. They always knew how to tell a story as if the fairy tale was happening right there inside my room!

Nowadays, so many books are written in the past tense, so that when you read them, the action and excitement are lost! I almost feel like I missed something. "He jumped, they flew, she saw…". That sentence speaks as if everyone in existence but me already knows what happened -- I want to hear it first! So let's start that again… "He jumps, they fly, and she sees…" sounds like the narrator is on the journey with us as all the action is unfolding before both our eyes! It's so much more engaging!

I find when I read my own prose, I read it faster and faster because the action words in present tense act like a gear shift on a car, forcing you to read quicker. My reading goes from first and second gear, to third and fourth in an instant as words stream past my eyeballs, trying to fly through pages faster and faster… more and more!!! Whew!

I guess that's why I never fell asleep until after my parents were finished with the story.

by Michael K. Matus

Not knowing exactly what something is or what you'll be doing when you get there is a great device to pull visitors deeper into
a website. Leks Bronks' Atlantis Underground, "…a personal deviation from reality…" is a mysterious, enticing website that
uses this creative hook like a sly master.

The best part? AU's logo is extraordinary: a bewitching ornate eyeball that seems to be a figurative window into the mind of
Leks Bronks. Its fiery spirit constantly bombards visitors' minds into questioning, "What exactly is the Atlantis
Underground?" I'm still not sure myself what it is, but its mystique causes a persistent thirst to explore the root of its

I love the intricate mosaic in the background of the home page. Its duality in design is blatant, but is exactly its charm. They
look like adrenaline-charged Rorschach drawings. The artwork of AU has great appeal to a broad audience with appealing
illustrations, mostly cartoon-like, portraying cuddly fantasy creatures, while erotica boasts glorious scenes of indulgence. I
love the digital distortions, or mosaics, in all the key locations… classic!

The RPG is where the meat of the content is. In Odorikuruu, the RPG area of Atlantis Underground, patrons can make their own RPG homepage where they can display their character's stats, artwork, stories, and more! In AU, there is a lot to see and do! As a small bit, the navigation bar is well executed. For first time users, it could be menacing to see buttons with unfamiliar
topics, or language for that matter. But the rollovers prove very useful and clever as clear definitions hide underneath. It seems
like privileged information is being shared as these exotic words are translated before your eyes. An even greater gift is achieved… a very subtle acceptance into the AU society. The entire website has just undergone an admirable facelift, but
some tinkering has not been for the better. What happened to the beautiful logotype? It had a great style, it was colorful, it had
those great backwards letters… it's what initially interested me in AU and now it's gone! And besides the buttons being way too big now, what is that big panel on the left… a window? The digital Rorschach mosaics have also been removed on the inside spreads, as has some of the appeal of the home page. The new icons are inside round buttons now. I have to struggle to see them now.

As a website designer, sometimes I see websites that I would just love to get my hands on for one reason or another, whether it be great content or flavorful design. For me, Atlantis Underground dangles both of these carrots! Many magazines and TV shows do specials on "One's To Watch". After you visit, continue to watch this one, Leks continues to evolve his unique vision to keep pace with his elaborate mind. He could just be taking us on a fabulous journey into his mind… maybe that is truly the "Atlantis Underground"? We'll have to wait and see.


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