The Relic Triangle Interactive Site Map & Links
The Relic Triangle Interactive Site Map & Links

Find everything you could ever wish for in the Relic triangle Interactive right here. A link and a description as to what you'll be seeing is listed for each item are listed below the image map directory. And it's all one click away. Let's get started!

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Splash - Delve into this exciting new fantasy tale from Michael K. Matus. This interactive gauntlet is begins here with a splash of original art foreshadowing the future of Atracia's destiny.

Home - The crossroads of this website. From here, explore new lands, defend yourself in the town square, or purchase the IC novel. Vital information is also here in ways of updates, corrections, and news. E-mail a fern telling them all about the Relic Triangle Interactive.

The Inner Circle Begins- Your journey starts here! A detailed and beautiful cover page delivers you into a story of love, honor, and deceit. Accompanying this section, the IC Bookmark, which inhabits the left column of the story at all times to guide you through the story. Also available in "No Graphics" version.

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Newsletter - The online version of The Circle newsletter. A newspaper-like column delving into the world of fantasy and the entire Relic Triangle Trilogy. Updated frequently giving insight into specific topics like what's new at the Relic Triangle Interactive, questions to the author, the Kublata Directive, and website reviews of other fantasy websites. If you are looking to subscribe or unsubscribe to the RTI newsletter, please go to the RTI Mailing List Subscription page.

Author's Letter - The sources of inspiration and dedications for this fantasy fiction novel are revealed in this short letter to you. Also, a note of thanks from author, Michael K. Matus.

Reliquary - The multimedia museum for the Relic Triangle Interactive! This virtual center showcases the interactive sections that support the Relic Triangle Trilogy in trying to enrich your experience...

The Relic Cookbook - Ready to head into the kitchen? The Relic Cookbook is ready to guide you to some simple recipes that are a little different in their ingredients.

Gxraden Bolipine's Destiny Cards - A daily interactive fortune-telling table that reveals your fortune in love, health, & success.

Movie Poster - Fantasy artwork concept for a movie poster for The Inner Circle that could one day be a reality.

Kublata Alphabet - An alphabet wheel, made with Flash, that unlocks the mysterious code of the Kublatas.

The Loot Shop - The Relic Triangle Trilogy merchandise online! Download The Inner Circle PDF novel for FREE as well as future books of The Relic Triangle Trilogy as they are made available. All purchases support the continuance of The Relic Triangle Interactive.

Order Form - Once you've found the item(s) you've selected inside the Loot Shop, come here to fill out the order form to ensure a fast, easy delivery either electronically or by traditional mail.

Map - From the peaks of Stormcrest to the Gates of Triumph, Eldan is a unique world of rich beauty intertwined with mysterious evil. Travel all of it in moments with maps that are always being updated and new maps appearing all the time.

Glossary - Terms, names, and places ranging from Anadecia to Xylanthees are all covered here. Listed in alphabetical order with phonetic spelling and definitions. Atracian guides need apply!

Overview - Brief synopsis on each of the three novels and supplement of The Relic Triangle Trilogy are shown to you in the style of the exciting theater preview. Get a sneak peek into where Kreelos' destiny will take him in the future. Also see the Inner Circle teaser trailer as well as the trailers for each of the future books in the trilogy as they premiere.

  1. The Inner Circle Teaser Trailer
  2. The Bastynax Chasm Teaser Trailer
  3. The Crystal Troll of Skara Bray Teaser Trailer
  4. Tobagins Teaser Trailer

Dragonroot Cantina - A chat room, minstrel songs, a full menu of virtual drinks, and your own waitress! Voice your opinion, ask a question, or just hang out. Now it's your turn to raise arguments & dispel myths in a chat room just for RTI visitors.

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The Relic Triangle Interactive Site Map & Links

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