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Map of Atracia
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Atracia is an unpolished gem located on the extreme southern region of Eldan away from the normalcies of inner-Eldan livelihood. Backward customs and eclectic ways of life are the pioneers of this small continent. This beautiful, yet mysterious, land lingers precariously close to the edge of the haunting Bastynax Chasm. The dwellers of Atracia Proper, after a turbulent civil war, maintain many religious ways, the most fertile crop of wind pods in all of Eldan, and the constant struggle for precious water!

Population: 7 million permanent (2/3 human)
Size: 4th smallest in Eldan
Palace: Cragenheim (Largest in Atracia)
Mountain Ranges: Stormcrest
Climate: 50% Woodlands, 25% Mountains, 25% Grasslands, 10% Desert
Me'dynastys: Wussex Me'Dynasty, Treyban Me'Dynasty, Cedric Me'Dynasty, Kent Me'Dynasty, The Reubens Me'Dynasty

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The Relic Triangle Interactive Maps

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