The Inner Circle Begins!
The Inner Circle Begins!
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Kreelos looks up and discovers the cave's entrance in the distance. He gets up and runs!

A drop of rain is heard on a nearby leaf…then another…and then another.

He turns around to meet the advance of the putsifa bee, but instead she comes crashing to the ground. She lies motionless. Is she dead?

Kreelos cautiously approaches the queen bee and nudges her – she is asleep!

A drop of rain splashes on Kreelos' arm – but he can’t see it! Another drop of rain is followed closely by a host of even more drops he can’t see – could it be invisible rain? Atracians were well learned in the classification of rain. Orange has spiritual powers and it is said to make the Atracian wind pod crops grow wildly. Green has medicinal qualities, while red rain is like fire and burns the flesh. Of all the rains in this land, Kreelos has never heard of invisible rain before. What are its effects on humans? He quickly darts for the shelter of the cave.

The distance to the cave seems to get farther and farther. His feet grow heavier and heavier with each step. He has just realized the effects of invisible rain…it puts humans to sleep! He reaches the cave and comes to another realization – he is in for a long nap!

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The Inner Circle Begins!

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