The Inner Circle Begins!
The Inner Circle Begins!
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Kreelos climbs up further to where the putsifa bees hoard their honey. The blue putsifa honey is said to hold mystical powers that will keep any kind of flower growing wildly for as long as the roots are kept immersed. He scoops up some honey with Erelta's prize helmet. Kreelos climbs over to the wind pod, plucks the flower from the crown, and places it into the helmet with the putsifa honey.

"My gift is complete. When they receive this, I will be returning to my parents all the love, respect, and devotion they have given me. It's perfect!"

"Baron Berakis will hold me personally responsible for the disappearance of his immaculate flower. You have stolen my helmet, the baron's esteemed flower, and the putsifa bees' honey. How can we as subjects of this dynasty look forward to our future when the heir hymarian thinks of no one but himself? Your parents will never praise you for such ignorance. Xylanthees the Great and Lersanis love you because you are their son; they do not need some token of your appreciation – they know!" Erelta scolds.

Kreelos pauses as he looks down at the gift and begins to think the sentinel may be right. "I only wanted to show my parents that I loved them…"

Kuleenik Erelta pauses himself. A statement of such passion coming from this young man causes sympathy to swell inside his own heart. A look of compassion comes over his face as he whispers to Kreelos, "Take it."

Suddenly, a ghostly hum grows from outside into a deepening growl. The tsaranis tree vibrates.

"The bees are returning! Hurry, you must help me escape. Please!" Erelta pleads.

"Don't worry, Erelta, the bees entrance is at the bottom of the tree and your armor gives you plenty of protection there. I just hope the craftsmanship of your armor is as priceless as the baron's wind pod, for your sake. Once I leave, I will draw the bees away. Use the honey to grease your armor enough to loosen yourself. Be quick though, I cannot hold the bees off for long," Kreelos says, readying to exit the tree.

The putsifa bees enter the tsaranis tree and slam into Erelta's platinum hind-end from below. The bees flail off his armor like a million angry pebbles rattling inside an immense cauldron. The noise is deafening! Erelta collapses his head down inside his platinum shell to wait out the barrage.

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The Inner Circle Begins!

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