The Relic Triangle Interactive -  Movie Poster
The Relic Triangle Interactive -  Movie Poster

"The Inner Circle"

Ah...what if?

If dreams could be answered, this is what it could look like walking into the movie theater in say...the year 2008? If nothing else, this fantasy movie poster showcases Hollywood's hottest actors and actresses that can help you visualize the novel's characters, at the same time giving them more depth and texture.

For a larger, more detailed view, click on the "High-Res" button underneath the movie poster at left.

Movie's Cast & Crew

Heath Ledger
as Kreelos Urandees

Gary Oldman
as Olen Phemius

F. Murray Abraham
as Zat Fuchard
(not pictured)

Heather Graham
as Jazelle

Timothy Olyphant
as Vuldeemus

Helen Mirren
as Anadecia

Vin Diesel
as Astacracken

Ryan Phillipe
as Mullickthese Urandees

Lawrence Fishburne
as Cycladees

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The Relic Triangle Interactive -  Movie Poster

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