Part I - A Dynasty Faded

No one knows where he goes. Some of the older gentry of the marketplace seem to agree that he is getting into trouble somewhere. "Not the acts of a future hymarian," they say. He should be learning the protocol of a prymarian of the Atracian Dynasty. So that, when it comes time for him to rule, he can continue the tradition established by his hymarian father, Xylanthees the Great, and rule all of Atracia to another twenty cycles of peace. However, the banter about Kreelos is short-lived, as people don’t resort to petty gossip for too long. Still, no one is quite sure where young Kreelos goes.

Kreelos Urandees has always been the pride of his father. Ten cycles in age with strong roots of upbringing and good looks. An above-average build and height make him the envy of all his peers. His hair is brown and unruly, the sign of a boy on the run, unwilling to sit still. His clothes are simple, yet practical – very improper for the dress of a prymarian. He considers himself different than others with his destiny line – a young man with his own set of morals and ethics very different from his father. He very much wants to be like him, but in a different way. He thinks one should never be satisfied with possessions or accomplishments. His father discourages this philosophy insisting the dynasty's conservative approach is best. War hasn’t been seen in these parts cycles, but his father insists they should be ready in any event.

Kreelos loves his father dearly, but hates the dignified protocol that is forced upon him – the lavish dress, the numerous royal functions, and the time-honored ceremonies that seem to creep up at every turn. To him, these things show a careless apathy to who or whatever may lie around them waiting for a chance to reap the benefits of their prosperity. It may seem somewhat paranoid, but Kreelos feels it necessary. He constantly grapples with the fact that there could be remote dynasties eyeing Atracia as their next accolade. Jealousy stirs unrest. Somedey the journeys of these peoples could bring them to Atracia. Aside from his father’ philosophy, he loves him and his mother very much – todey he is out to make that clear.

A varam from the wind port of Jalrain, a morning's walk from Cragenheim Palace, Kreelos sits among a crowded area of vines, trees, and thicket. His face shows that of contemplation, while the path of his vision suggests the dreams of a far-off place and time.

This dey, he has been up in the hills for far longer than usual. Dark clouds creep over the mountain range of Stormcrest. He has to be careful; the rains in this region have strange and sometimes mysterious properties. Still, the sun remains warm upon his eyelids, coaxing him to stay.

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