From a nearby wind pod patch, a devout wind pod sentinel tending watch keeps a lesser eye over the condition of the young prymarian since his visits have become more frequent in the last couple deys. However, since his last glance, the young boy has vanished! The sentinel's posture turns from stoic to concern as he stretches his neck in an attempt to locate the wily young man.

"Are you looking for me?" Kreelos blurts suddenly as he pops out from atop a nearby tsaranis tree. The sentinel looks through the glaring sunlight to witness the silhouette of the prymarian. A growing look of alarm overtakes the sentinel when he realizes where he is.

"Your grace, there is a putsifa beehive in that particular tree. The putsifa bees can become quite enraged if their hive is violated. Please come down from there," the sentinel says, holding up a hand in front of his eyes.
"Am I threatening you by being here?"

"You are not."

"Then I shall stay."

"What about the bees?"

"They have been out gathering food all morning; I am in no danger. What is your name, sentinel?"

"Kuleenik Erelta of the former Wellneg Me'Dynasty."

"My father has spoken your name in conversation. Why do you stand watch in Baron Berakis' wind pod field?"

"I am the protector of the prized wind pod of the baron. I stand watch in this wind pod patch patiently all dey, every dey, to guard against potential thieves who intend to pillage one of the most famous wind pods in all of Eldan," Erelta says, regaining his illustrious sentry posture. His head to toe finely sculpted platinum-laced armor strains to keep back the weight of his aging body. His armor is made from a Moldokma Turtle Shell from the Molten Silk Pits on the Dilorn Peninsulas. The top part of this shell has an opening with a lid for his head, which he can retreat into during an attack. The lower half is a large upside-down platinum bowl that resembles a massive hoop skirt – chiding is heard often from this. Nevertheless, its protection is what makes it so special. This is just an extension of his armor as his legs dangle inside to keep them from tiring. In the event he would have to fight, chase, or run after a thief, he could get up out of it in a sumi. Baron Berakis’ wind pod resides underneath it.

Wind pods do not need sunlight to grow. What fuels their growth is the rich Atracian soil, the pruners’ water, secret herbs, and, most importantly, wind shears originating from the Bastynax Chasm. These gusts penetrate the soil from the chasm with their mystic essence to coddle the wind pods’ roots that make them grow feverishly.

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