The Relic Triangle Interactive Links
The Relic Triangle Interactive Links

Below you will find a concentrated list of links that we here find either useful, interesting, or just plain fun!

Atlantis Underground ( - Review
Atlantis Underground is a personal deviation from reality - a visual archive of the experiences, visions and delights of fantasy artist Leks Bronks. This Dream is constantly growing and changing, as do all things around us. The contents within will gain exponentially in depth and perception throughout its existence. This dream is the conversion of realistic experience and imaginative perception, and proudly houses outlandish ideas that extend through many mediums and environments. Put to rest any ideas of waking up early, for this Dream has only just begun.

Dragonsworn ( - Review
News, reviews, features, and message boards about original works of fiction - very nice!

Castle Marrach - Forever Winter ( - Review
Castle Marrach is a text-dominant interactive roleplaying game from Skotos Tech. Unlike many other roleplaying games, Castle Marrach focuses on storytelling -- creating and playing out stories in cooperation with other players.

The SF Site ( - The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

FantasyWriters.Net ( - News and discussion for fans of fantasy, monthly featured author and giveaway, and weekly fantasy writers group meeting.

Science Fiction and Fantasy World ( - Science Fiction Authors with biography, bibliograpy, news, book reviews, interviews, articles and links.

SFF Net ( - The premier site for reading, writing, and discussing all varieties of genre literature, from science fiction and fantasy to romance and mystery.

Silver Oak Bookstore - Be absorbed. Science Fiction & Fantasy books with reviews, articles and interviews.

Elfstone - Elfstone featuring fantasy artwork, artists and their art, books, films, free web art and links.

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The Relic Triangle Interactive Links

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