The Inner Circle Begins!
The Inner Circle Begins!
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"Every cycle, the baron takes this prized wind pod to Taran where he competes at the Burnt Yaglobem Glaze Festival in Kleerada. With his victorious wind pod, the winner has the very dubious distinction of raising the celebration tent for the afternoon sun spectacle, while the flower on top is used as the centerpiece for the feast. The baron has won three cycles standing and has hired me to guard his entry for this cycle's festival," Erelta says proudly.

"How did you come across such a magnificent helmet?" the young prymarian asks.

The helmet is handcrafted from pure platinum and etched by the brilliant craftsmen of Tisabod. It slopes down on either side of his head at hard angles and is accented by two horns protruding from the front and back. The etchings tell stories of past grand hymarians and their incredible glories – a masterpiece!

"Many cycles ago, I was anointed Platinum Pike Carrier by Grand Hymarian Zol Kiglupidis. I was the guard who watched the grand hymarian's crown while he slept – only three have ever done this. For my service to the grand hymarian of Eldan, he bestowed this helmet upon me. It was a great honor."

"If you are the best, then why are you guarding an insignificant wind pod?" Kreelos jibes back.

"Not so insignificant to the baron," Erelta says, giving Kreelos a conceited glance.

"I have heard you are a great warrior," Kreelos states.

"Not like your father, but close. I was also in the Eternity War, but I additionally served in the Light & Dark Civil War, and, served the court of three Grand Hymarians of Tisabod."

"Can I try on the helmet?"


"Does it come off?"

"Certainly." Erelta says with a heightened tone in his voice as his patience is grinding.

"How did you get here?"

"You have so many questions for a young man."

"I am curious, Erelta. I have heard many rumors from my brothers about you, so I hoped you would endorse them. How did you arrive on the southern-most portion of Eldan?"

"Sometimes our destinies find us," Erelta says with a sigh.

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The Inner Circle Begins!

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