The Inner Circle Begins!
The Inner Circle Begins!
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"I have never seen a wind pod so large; it's beautiful!" Kreelos says as he moves out further on the tsaranis branch toward the wind pod – close enough for Kuleenik to grow even more nervous. Although Kreelos is the prymarian of Atracia, the duteous sentinel could strike the young man down before seeing his accolade taken while under his watch.

Common wind pods are the chief, and the most important export Atracia possesses. These pods are grown all over the northwestern territories of Atracia for many purposes – the most substantial being the main ingredient in propelling wind vessels to the farthest reaches of Eldan. They are harvested in all areas of Eldan, but Atracia seems to produce the largest and most robust. The main part of the wind pod is a heavy, cornucopia-like mossy shell with a small vine splitting from its opening. They grow in many different colors with each being useful for a different task. The true pearls to these pods are the fruits encased inside their humanly unbreakable shell. This minute fruit contains juices that, when released to the air, produce wind sheers of varying degrees and strengths. Wind vessel commodores commonly use jannex mites to crack open these wind pods most effectively. These small insects feed on the fruit inside the wind pod shell and release the wind to their sails. The only flaw is that once the jannex mite eats the fruit, it is killed by the vicious wind sheers in a sumi. Magic has yet to simulate an effective wind pod, but one way to distinguish a true wind pod is by its smell. An aroma of mint mixed with rich Tisabodian coffee beans wafts from its shell.

"The Berakis Wind Pod is wider than me, taller than me, and is the biggest, ripest wind pod in Eldan, and it is the only wind pod to bloom a flower on its crown. In terms of barpins, its worth the likes of my armor a thousand fold," Erelta says like it is his own.

"Can I have the flower?" Kreelos asks with earnest.

"The baron would have me cracking open wind pods with my teeth down in the lower fields for the rest of my life if I even held an idea of giving anyone the flower. I'm sorry."

"Since magic has not been allowed since the Eternity War, it has been suggested by some that this wind pod may have an enchanted origin. Is this true?"

"You have noticed many things about this patch's goings-on, most hy. I am not to question what goes on underneath my platinum shell. The baron has instructed me to protect the wind pod with my life! I have watched you as well the past few deys. You are a bright young man. Why do you make an effort to persecute the baron's fancy for this dynasty's greatest jewel?" Erelta asks with suspicion.

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The Inner Circle Begins!

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