The Inner Circle Begins!
The Inner Circle Begins!
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"As future hymarian of this dynasty, I feel it necessary to begin tending to some of my father's duties so I may be ready to rule one dey," Kreelos replies.

"Commendable, but why this wind pod?"

"I have not seen a single pruner tend to this lonely patch of one in deys, sentinel. I am lead to believe that magic is its caregiver," Kreelos says in a confrontational manner.

"It does not concern me!" Erelta replies as he looks away.

"Does it not concern you enough to even look?" Kreelos barks.

"It is true, I have not seen any of Berakis' pruners in deys, but I am committed to protecting the wind pod at all costs. My curiosity is secondary, if at all," Erelta says, nestling back into his watchful form.

"Such a wind pod would be considered priceless since many have tried to magically create a wind pod and have failed. A wind pod of this magnitude is unique. How can you be sure the wind pod or its flower is still there and not already pilfered?" Kreelos says tenderly as he crawls inside the tsaranis tree.

"My armor would have shaken with just the slightest nibble of a hungry jannex mite. You have been dangling around these parts for the last few deys hoping to think of a way to trick me into giving you the infamous Berakis Wind Pod, haven't you? It is not yours, or even mine for me to give even if I wanted to. Even if you are the prymarian of this dynasty, you may not have it," Erelta shouts to the boy still inside the tree.

"I know…I already have it!" Kreelos calls out from the innards of the tree.

"What!" Erelta turns around in a heated panic. His armor pings and pangs from his shuffling about. When he finally looks underneath his shell, all that is there is a large hole. He glances down inside, sees that a tunnel has been bur-rowed, and the wind pod gone! Erelta immediately dives into the hole.

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The Inner Circle Begins!

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